7 Days a Vegan: half-way check in!

7 Days a Vegan Halfway Update

Well I didn’t start my day off very well on day 1 when I stumbled out of bed after another sleepless night with the baby and made some toast and started to smooth some butter on it…duh! I intercepted myself before taking a bite but it was the appropriate wake-up call reminding me that I was going to have to be a lot more aware and intentional the rest of the week!

Since then, I’ve wised up and I’ve enjoyed some delicious Vegan meals (and admittedly a big fail). Lets start with the high points…

Vanilla almond milk is the BEST kept secret by vegans, vegetarians and those who are lactose intolerant (OK, so a lot of people know about so clearly I am late to the party). My first sip knocked my socks off and I swore I was drinking melted vanilla ice cream. It is even better when blended with some frozen bananas and strawberries! I’ve been making this delightful smoothie every day!almondmilksmoothie


I’ve also been really pleased with the Overnight Oats, which I would show to you if I possessed the artistic talent or photography skills (which if you follow my blog, you know I don’t) to take a picture of oatmeal without it looking completely repulsive. So just trust me, it is delicious and I’ve been eating it for breakfast every day! The same rational is behind the lack of picture of the Chickpea Cookie bars which I made and scarfed up before I figured out how to take an appealing photograph. I couldn’t believe that a bean could make a dessert I actually enjoyed. Veganism is full of fun surprises!

We also really loved the Lentil Loaf which was super savory and filling, but you need to approach it with the right mindset. As a lentil loaf, it was great but if you eat it as a meat-eater comparing it to it’s meat origin it is a slight disappointment. My husband put it best when he said “It looks like meatloaf, it smells like meatloaf but it’s just not meatloaf”. That aside, he did concede it was yummy and as a 7-day vegan he liked it. He just likes meat more.

Lentil Loaf

Oh! And last night we enjoyed these super loaded sweet potatoes covered in garlic hummus, cilantro-lime rice, cumin black beans, peppers, jalapenos, tomatoes, green onion and avocado and YOWZA they were delicious and I was sufficiently stuffed!loaded sweet potato

Unfortunately I did have an a bit of a flop. On Sunday night we were so exited to make the Three Bean Polenta Chili…we let the chili simmer for hours as it teased our taste buds all afternoon. Then came the polenta-error. Did you know that there were other forms of polenta other than the pre-cooked block that you can cut up and use as you please? Well I certainly did not. Face-palm. When the recipie called for a cup and a half of polenta to be simmered into broth until it makes a batter, I thought surely that means a cup and a half of cubed polenta block added to the broth, which will, magically disentergerate and become batter….because that made sense. So long story short, it was NOT the proper form of polenta. Polenta comes in an uncooked grain form that would have made a delightful batter that would have formed a delicious crust while baked.

Here is what mine looked like after being baked.

three bean polenta chili


The good news is that it still tasted delicious, but I imagine only a fraction of the deliciousness it could have been. Oh well. That is why we are doing this Vegan experiment! I have already learned about new foods and I’ve had to be conscious of how I am preparing them.

I’ll go ahead and call that a success!


How is your 7 Days a Vegan going? Let me know in a comment below!


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