7 Days a Vegan

7 Day Vegan Experiment


My Vegan experiment starts on Sunday! Ah! I am excited!

But I am also nervous. Seven days without cheese? Seven days without EGGS?! Ah!

It will be good for me.

I have been doing research on the Vegan lifestyle and I found this great article that debunks some common Veganism myths…that it is expensive, that you can’t get enough protein. Not true! Turns out the Vegan lifestyle fits in well with our WW lifestyle! I think you will also be pleased that the hours I spent on Pinterest this week were not wasted time as I created an amazing week-long Vegan meal plan (below).

This is a picture of this week’s grocery haul. I usually am particularly proud of the amount of produce I place on the conveyor belt while checking out. And, I feel a personal triumph if the checker makes a comment like “Woah, that’s a lot of vegetables”. But today, I received a victorious “That’s the most vegetables and beans anyone has bought all day. Where’s the pizza?” Yes my friend, it is a lot of beans and veggies! I was further thrilled to discover that 7 days of vegan eating for 2 people (but really should be 4 since my husband and I tend to eat twice what normal people eat…) cost approximately $100 which is comparable to what I spend any other given week. Score!



So join me! You can follow along with the meal plan I provided or do your own thing.  Either way, I’d love comments, feedback and help keeping me honest. If I have made a Veganism mistake, let me know!



Here is what we can look forward to this week:

Vegan Breakfasts


Alternating between:

Overnight Banana Oats via Domesticate Me

Strawberry and Cream Smoothie via Avrie Cooks

Vegan Lunch Ideas

Alternating between:

Grilled Veggie and Hummus wraps (just grill your veggies in advance) via Cozy Zoey

Avocado and Spiced Hummus Sandwich via Nutritionist in the Kitchen

Vegan Dinner ideas

Sunday: Three Bean Chili Polenta via Mountain Mama Cooks

Monday: Lentil Loaf via 86 Lemons with Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Tuesday: Loaded Sweet Potato via Kara Lydon with Southwest Quinoa via Cozy Zoey

Wednesday: Black Bean Tacos via The Garden Grazer

Thursday: Sweet Potato Black Bean Burger via Minimalist Baker

Friday: Protein Monster Enchiladas via The Garden Grazer

Saturday: The Best Vegan Pizza via Minimalist Baker

Vegan Dessert ideas

Chicpea Chocolate Chip Bars via The Honour System

5 Minute Vegan Fudge via My Little Celebration


If you are joining me in this experiment, please let me know how it is going in a comment below! Did you love or hate a recipe? Let me know that too!


Good luck and happy Vegan Week!



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