Giving Veganism A Try

giving veganism a try

I believe in the importance of being mindful of what you eat. Mindfulness helps us making smart choices and reminds us to be appreciative of the food we enjoy, both for our body and soul. I had a lot of fun experimenting with vegetarian dishes as we started to transition away from so many meat-based entrees in our Meatless Movement…and I had as many flops as successes as we discovered which vegetarian dishes were our favorite. But now, eating mostly meatless has become second nature and I am looking for a new way to invigorate my mindful eating approach.

With that in mind, I thought about the possible ways that I could challenge myself. Since I am personally against elimination-based diets in the way that I live my life, doing something like a carb-free challenge was out. Then I considered the other food lifestyle choice I hadn’t experienced yet…Veganism! Many things that we eat are already within the Vegan lifestyle parameters, I usually eat oatmeal and fruit for breakfast and many of our vegetarian dinners could be vegan by removing the cheese we usually add. But what will be really challenging for me is not eating eggs. I LOVE EGGS. I have eggs every day, usually for lunch. They are cheap and protein packed and a great WW food, so it is going to be really difficult for me, but I am up for the challenge!

So I am going to try an experiment…7 days of Veganism. In the interest of promoting self-success we are going to wait until after Memorial Day weekend and the brats and burgers we will are celebrating with so we plan to start this on May 31st. Until then I need some help! I am still learning about the Vegan lifestyle so if you happen to have good literature on the topic please let me know!

I also would LOVE some meal ideas and recipes! Please leave them in a comment or email me!

I will be planning out the entire week of Vegan eating in advance and sharing the menu and recipes with you so you can follow along if you are up for the experiment!


Thank you!

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