7 Silly Things That Makes Our Skittish Dog Cry

silly things that scare our dog

It has been a while since we’ve featured the namesake of our site…so here she is! You’ll recall from this post that Zoey is a very special dog, so special that she got a blog named after her!

Our dog cries more than our baby. Seriously.

I assure you that this dog lives a very pampered life but one very special feature of Zoey is that many silly things scare or annoy her and make her cry.  Like most dogs she is terrified of thunderstorms, petrified of fireworks and fearful of the vacuum…but some of her other numerous fears are less predictable…


silly things that scare our dogsilly things that scare our dog

1. Sophie the giraffe: Sophie is a favorite toy of our daughter’s and is perfect for her to gnaw on while she is teething. Zoey is fine with Sophie until our daughter makes the toy squeak…then Zoey looses it! The squeaking stops Zoey in her tracks and then she trots around the house, squeaking herself.

2. Music played from my phone: All day Zoey hears music played from the big speakers in our house, from my iPad or on the T.V. …but if I dare play music or a video from my phone her ears perk up and then she runs away whining, and hides until the noise has ceased!

3. Our garbage/recycling bins: I find that the beginning or end of a walk is a convenient time to roll our garbage and recycling bins from the end of our driveway back up to our house. Zoey does not find this convenient. I suspect that the sound of the hallow, empty bins rumbling up the driveway reminds Zoey of thunder as she does her best to run away from them. Which means she runs skittishly around the bins causing me to run over her, myself or tip the large bin over and subsequently struggle to tip it back up.

4. Rectal Thermometer: It’s not weird…we have a baby so we use a rectal thermometer from time to time. When the thermometer records a temperature, it very quietly emits a little “beep” which must be on a very dog-cringy frequency because no matter where Zoey is in the house, she runs into the baby’s room and cries. Zoey makes up for the lack of protest on our baby’s behalf and does the crying for her.

5. Blanket out of bed: Zoey is a princes-and-the-pea type of dog and likes to relax in a specific way. She must have her blanket evenly distributed in her bed (which takes her minutes of wild bucking to perfect). If her blanket-bucking gets too wild and she accidentally bucks her blanket out of her bed, she runs away crying to her other bed to start the process over again. Sound the alarm if both blankets happen to have gotten bucked out of both of her beds. Oh wait, Zoey will do that for you. If we place the blanket back in the bed for her she will happily run back to her bed.

6. Walking behind the stroller: Zoey likes to be the leader on the walk so when the baby arrived and we started to walk with the stroller she made it her mission on every walk to race the stroller in attempts to cut in front of it (spoiler alert, I was holding the leash so she was never going to beat the stroller, but shhh, don’t tell Zoey that). This is exceedingly challenging when I am trying to manage both her beastly-strength and keeping the baby safe in the stroller. I’ve learned to shorten the leash so that she walks along-side me, behind the stroller, but this just makes her cry. She hates being in second place.

And last but not least as this is a bi-daily doozey:

7. Food from her food bowl: Zoey has trust issues because I am pretty sure she thinks we poison her food. Every day. Like most dogs, Zoey is served the same (super premium) dog food for each meal. But yet at each meal, she must carefully pick up one morsel of food, carry it out of the kitchen into the carpeted living room to sample it, ensuring it is indeed “good”. After she realizes that the food passes the test she can proceed with finishing her bowl of food in the kitchen.


Surprising things that don’t scare our skittish dog:

1. Coffee Grinder

2. Blow Drier

3. Food Processor

4. Lawn Mower


Zoey Owner Note: We have tried to counter condition many of these fears out of Zoey, but they remain. Since stressing out about all of her fears is easy to do, we try to see the humor in it. So while this post is written in a teasing-tone, we really aren’t mean to our dog :)


Do you have a dog with an unusual fear? Let us know in a comment below!



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