Back in Pre-Baby Jeans

Earlier this week I vented about my frustration with the slow process that is returning your body to its pre-baby norm. I had completely unrealistic expectations about how long it would take me to do it at a healthy and reasonable pace. I honestly thought that one month of exercise after the go-ahead from my doctor would be enough to do the trick. While I still am not completely back to where I want to be, I am pleased to announce that 18 weeks after baby I am back into my goal jeans. These aren’t my skinny jeans, but my Ok, I can live with this jeans, but none-the-less it is lovely to be able to zip them up and have them comfortably fit. SEE PICTURE EVIDENCE BELOW! 

Something that I want to stress is that I certainly did not, and will not be killing myself to make progress. I still am having dessert, bread and the occasional drink(s) but I am exercising the slightest self control. When I have a sandwich, I have an open faced sandwich. When I have dessert, I resist the baking urge and drizzle some melted chocolate over air-popped pop corn instead. When I want a drink on a Wednesday night, I have a flavored seltzer water instead (and save the wine for the weekend!), I certainly don’t win every time a craving or mad-hunger hits but the little victories here and there seem to be helping.

Or maybe that is all hog-wash and things like my Burpee Challenge are finally working! I’ve been committed to exercise with Pilates and HIIT workouts for months now, but perhaps adding the Burpees daily has made the difference? Or perhaps the nicer weather and the extra walking that comes with that is the extra edge.

Or maybe it is a combination of all of those things.

I know I am not alone and that there are many new mama’s out there working hard to get their bodies back. The bottom line is that I have realized that pregnancy and having a c-section took a much bigger toll on my body than I could have ever anticipated (but I got a pretty amazing prize!). Never-the-less, it is clear that recovering from that whole ordeal is not meant to be speedy. Acknowledging this and setting realistic expectations is important as to not set myself up for failure. I just need to keep remembering that and give myself credit for everything my body has done and will continue to do.

And in some soul-bearing comparisons, here is my little bit of progress:

About 2 months ago:


sarah jeansJeans


And now:

back in pre-baby jeans


So, I acknowledge the difference isn’t huge but it is big enough for these jeans to be comfortable again. And big enough for me to get a confidence boost! Baby steps to rid the baby fat! Woo!

I’d love to hear from those of you who have been/are on this journey! Let me know in a comment below!


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