Bouncing Back

Bouncing Back After Baby

I was severely disillusioned about how challenging it would be to get back into pre-baby shape. I’ve always been active and in great shape because I love working out hard (I could still do 15 push ups the week I had our baby girl) so I thought that at three months postpartum I’d be back to my normal self. HA! Wrong. Having a c-section and the subsequent recovery didn’t help matters but this endeavor is proving to be a long journey that I will be on for some time still. It’s ok, I’ve accepted it. Almost.

It is supremely frustrating to work hard but not feel like I am seeing progress. It really does seem much harder to get rid of the baby weight than it has been to lose the I’ve-been-eating-too-much-pizza-cake-and wine weight in my past. As it stands, I get at least an hour of exercise a day, typically a combination of walking, Pilates, HIIT or aerobic workouts, so I am definitely in shape. I am also breastfeeding which helps burn extra calories. But while I might be IN shape I am not back IN to (most) of my jeans. Hence the frustration.

Admittedly, I did have a tiny break through last week when I tried on an old pair of my jeans and they fit and I was so proud to wear them out to a gathering of friends that evening. Getting into those jeans again was energizing and reminded me that if I can keep plugging away and allow myself to be inspired by tiny bits of progress it will help me towards my overall goal.

Another source of energy was from this Facebook post by actress Zoe Saldana:

“Hi everyone,
As you all know, we welcomed twin boys last November. Yes, by far, the most amazing experience of my life, but also a very challenging experience when it pertains to my body. I’m sure moms across the world (and dads sometimes) can identify with what I’m about to say.
Your body changes dramatically, inside and out. You grow in places you never knew you could, and you are tired beyond belief. In some cases more than others, your body experiences a kind of trauma through childbirth that is difficult to explain unless you’ve had that experience. My case was like that, everything from my thyroid to my platelets crashed. Thank God, we are all doing great now, but my body was really bent out of shape after the boys were born. Bouncing back feels impossible, but I know it is important as a woman, and now a mommy, to not give up. I am determined to get my energy back and find balance for my body before these little guys start walking, and before I go back to work….. my clock is ticking!
2 months ago I started my journey, and its been REAL- I’m not gonna lie- it is slow…. painful… and frustrating. But it is worth it.
And that is why I’m here… I know many of you have gone through this or are going through it as we speak. Let’s do it together. Let’s talk about it, hear each other out, and seek advice when we need it. I have my friend of many years and trainer, Steve Moyer that will be guiding me and sometimes training me for the next 2 months before I go back to work. I will be sharing with you what I do, what I eat and how I feel about it in hopes that it will be of any help to you. cool?
I started in January with Moyer. I was 160lbs (at the peak of my pregnancy I reached 185lbs). I had no flexibility, weak joints, and exercising was painful. We started with just walking, I think I only walked that first month. I did however change the way I eat. I began to make better choices with my food. Moyer was instrumental at this point. he gave me great tips of what to eat, how much water to drink, he even gave me some recipes of his own sometimes. It was important for me to learn this so I can do it on my own if I have to. I want to prove to myself that if I have the right determination I can do anything.
Crap, boys are up from their naps! gotta go!
I’m looking fwd to sharing this journey with you…”

Now, I happened to see a picture of her and she looks great, but it is nice that we are normalizing a healthy, appropriately paced return to one’s pre-baby self. I could probably be back to my pre-baby self if I greatly restricted my food intake/choices and worked out even harder but I’ve decided I am not going to do anything to risk my (awesome) breastmillk supply. Also, restriction isn’t really my style. So I guess I’ve decided where my priorities lie.

And mostly as a reminder to myself, I declare my commitment to a slow-paced and healthy (for me and my baby) return to my pre-baby self.

Thanks for following my progress, my workouts and the yummy food I make to fuel it all.


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