Our “WW” Approach to Food

The WW Approach

We are always assessing the healthiness of our food choices and the relation to cost using two factors: our waistline and our wallet (WW). To promote our healthy lifestyle we agree that it is worth paying a little more for healthful foods versus paying less for processed, nutritionally void foods. We are willing to take the “hit” to our wallet in that regard. However when the Chinese food craving hits, or when we really want pizza from an expensive local pizzeria (which can cost approximately $20/meal), we consider the detriment that particular food choice will make to both our waistline and wallet before making a decision. Not always, but usually this reminder of WW helps talk ourselves out of the unhealthy and expensive choice.

So why am I telling you this? If you are like us, who recently moved down to one income (or if you have a tight budget) and are also trying to eat well/loose a little weight, the WW factor is a really big deal. To make healthy WW decisions, I’ve found that planning ahead is vital.  Every weekend, I create a menu for the upcoming week including plans for breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks. I usually rely on my pins on Pinterest or recipes I’ve posted on my blog to help me determine the meals. From there, I am able to determine which items are needed from the grocery store.

Since I know that coming up with meal plans and shopping lists is time consuming and creatively-challenging, I’ll be sharing a couple of my weekly menus and shopping lists each month complete with links to the recipes for each meal. My weekly shopping trips are always under $120 which is accomplished by buying only what is on my list, and choosing store or generic brands whenever possible. Hopefully this will help you eat well, save time or help inspire you to start a similar plan on your own! Click here for the first week!

If you have a great system in place already-let me know about it in a comment below!



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