Fitness February Re-cap



Ug. Where is the airbrushing when you really need it?!? This picture could definitely be on a “Just cuz it zips don’t mean it fits” meme on Pinterest.


As you can see from the picture, I did not reach my goal because while they close, those jeans definitely do not fit.  I’m trying to remember that it took me nine months to expand so it will probably take me a bit longer than 2.5 months to “compress”. Still, it is a little deflating. I had felt confident that my high level of fitness before and during pregnancy (I could still do 10 push ups the week I had our baby!) would make the “bouncing back” easier but I am learning that it is going to require a bit more discipline than I’ve put forth so far. I am getting better at fitting in a daily workout into my schedule with the baby but my night time and weekend eating habits are killing me. For example, a typical weekday might look like:

Breakfast: Steel cut oatmeal with blueberries and honey

AM Snack: Handful of almonds

Lunch: 2 scrambled eggs on a slice of whole wheat toast with avocado and cheese with pretzels with hummus

PM Snack: Apple

Dinner: Stir Fry with Peanut Sauce 

So far, so good, right? But wait, there’s more! 

After Dinner

  • More pretzels and hummus (because I’m “still hungry”)
  • Glass of wine
  • 3-5 Oreos (ok, 7. Sometimes I would have 7)

So the extra 400 (?) calories I am having after dinner are probably why my jeans are “muffintopping”. My weekend eating habits are similar, so any progress that I am making on week days gets derailed by my “recreational eating” habits.

Thus, my March goals are:

  • Reduce recreational eating
  • Find ways to walk in addition to daily Pilates or HITT workouts (even when cold outside…Hello Mall Walking!)
  • Save the wine for the weekends

For March I’ll give weekly updates sharing only the new or particularly awesome workout videos I’ve found (because by now you probably got the point of what I do). If you have found a great Pilates or HITT video please share it in the comments below!




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