Sarah’s Fitness Journey Check In

We don’t have a scale in the house-I don’t think it does anyone good to step on a scale on a regular basis. But while visiting family this weekend I decided to step on a scale in the guest room…and I was bummed to see that I had only lost 2 pounds since my doctor appointment three weeks prior. Ug! Prior to the doctor appointment, I hadn’t been cleared to exercise so I thought that adding walks, HITT workouts and Pilates would help the weight come off.  I think I relied too heavily on exercise while happily munching away on banana bread and cookies. Bummer.

So now that we are half way through the month I recognize that:

  • 1. I need to adjust my goal of fitting into my pre-pregnancy jeans. It is probably more realistic to give myself until the end of March (not February).
  • 2. I need to back off the baking. And the beer. And the wine.
  • 3. I should hope for warmer weather so that we can have more walks with the baby and dog for bonus exercise.


I’ll continue tracking my exercise but watch now for “lighter” healthier recopies.

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