Sarah’s Post-Baby Fitness Journey

Happy Fitness February!

I’ve been taking things pretty easy since having our daughter via C-Section about 7 weeks ago. Having recently been OK-ed for exercise by my doctor I am very anxious to get back into the shape I was in prior to my pregnancy. I was probably in the best shape of my life prior to getting pregnant, having found a great balance between Pilates and light cardio-my body had never been so toned. Upon initially discovering Pilates, I watched my body shrink and reshape in just a matter of a few months and I am hopeful to recreate the results. FINGERS CROSSED!

For a frame of reference (and admittedly, some motivation on my behalf) here is what I looked like exactly a year ago and about 1 month before getting pregnant.

Sarah Swim Suit

Note the flat, toned stomach? The strong shoulders? The toned arms, strong legs? Those pictures were even taken at the end of a week of slinging back margaritas and chowing down on nachos and fried-fish tacos. (yummmm)

Fast forward one year (and one adorable little baby) later…and here is me now. Ugg.

The pastey-ness of winter isn’t helping.

Sarah now 1sarah now 2

The goal is to fit into these jeans by the end of the month:

sarah jeans

As you can see they go over my bum and the zipper comes up, but they don’t quite close yet. These aren’t even my skinny jeans–more my in shape but still eat a lot of desserts and pizza pants. None the less-it would be great if they fit in four weeks.

So here is my plan: having had a lot of success with this Pilates program in the past ( I am going to use an assortment of her videos and let you know how I am doing by posting on this blog with weekly updates.  I also plan to do some light aerobic exercise when the baby is sleeping and some long walks outside when its warm enough to bring the baby out. I’m making some attempts to eat well but you can see how that goes based on recipes that I am posting…

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